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Hanson has denied her political attacks on Fahour had anything to do with racism, or objections to his religion. Despite Hansons trenchant criticism of Fahours generous remuneration package, the One Nation leader was not present for Tuesdays Senate estimates hearing which was noted by other members of the committee. Where is Pauline Hanson? After bragging about Aus Post she hasn't shown up to Senate Estimates. Sam Dastyari (@samdastyari) February 28, 2017 Fahour was asked whether his departure from Australia Post triggered a termination payment. He told the committee he structured his departure as a resignation so it would not trigger a termination payment. Theres no golden handshake, theres no watch, I hope Ill get a stamp though, he quipped. Before Fahours testimony, Fifield said he had a conversation with Stanhope shortly after he became minister in September 2015 at which he commented that executive pay was a matter that drew attention from time to time. Stanhope could not recall the conversation but said it had probably happened. Stanhope recalled a conversation with then-communications minister Malcolm Turnbullshortly after September 2013 at which Turnbull queried why executive pay was so high at Australia Post.

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